Valorant, Riot Games new hero based shooter

Riot Games major announcement of their new Hero-Based Tactical Shooter game.

Valorant - Riot Games

Riot Games is well known for its most popular game League Of Legends which is one of the most popular games being streamed on twitch at the time of writing.

Valorant is Riot Games new first person shooter game which will be a free to play game that will compete with games like Counter Strike and Overwatch. The game has been rumored for a couple of weeks now as Project A. Reading the website for the game, the game boasts that it will have a 144 FPS on a modern gaming computer and a ping of <35ms for players in major cities. The game also promises a proper anti-cheat system from day one of the release.

Furthermore they released on their games YouTube channel a 2 minute game play video. Which seems to be a Alpha developers play test which seems to be quite interesting. The game is a 5v5 fps game play model similar to that of Counter Strike and Overwatch.

As of now the game is only set for released on PC, however with upcoming new generation consoles there could be chances that the game will be released on the new generation consoles.

The game is set to be launched in the summer of 2020 as per their website we will cover more in-depth on the game play videos and more news as they emerge.

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