Valorant Character Overview

Let’s have a look at the characters for the upcoming FPS from Riot Games.

Valorant Characters

Let’s have a quick run down on the characters on the new upcoming FPS game from Riot Games.

Valorant will set to release this summer on PC platform. Will it come on consoles? We are not sure yet and only the future will tell us.

Nonetheless, Riot Games has been teasing characters from Valorant on their twitter account.

01. Phoenix

Phoenix showcases some amazing skills by throwing a magic fireball at the enemy right before coming around a corner and taking them out. This may be a special skill for the character it self.

02. Viper

Viper on the other hand uses a gadget to distract the enemy by using a colored shield to cover around her. She then uses it to identify where the enemy is by the sound of the gunshots and takes them out by surprise. Again this may be a special skill for the character but then again we don’t know for sure.

03. Sova

Oh yes, the russian character. With a very strong Russian accent when talking and uses a special bow and arrow to scan where the enemies are hiding to know where exactly to attack.

Are there anymore characters to come? Well let’s just hang in there and see. The game is still under development and we will only know closer and closer to the release date.

What do you think about the characters so far?

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