Going Under Coming to Consoles

Roguelite-inspired dungeon crawler coming to consoles.

Going Under Console

Going Under a game being developed for the PC by Team17 studios has confirmed that the game will also be released on consoles.

The game is a roguelite-inspired dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of failed tech startups.

According to the developers you’ll wield office junk as weapons as you battle your way through the forsaken office complexes. Stab a demon with a thumbtack one moment, run over a goblin with a smart car the next–your options in combat are constantly changing. Throughout your run, you’ll also learn skills that change the way you play! Harness powerful effects that can light a whole room on fire, turn enemies to allies, or just make your arms really buff or something.

The game is set to release in September, 2020.


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