A New Witcher Game To Begin Development

Is CD Projekt Red working on new installment of Witcher? Adam Kiciński makes a statement.

Witcher Project

Adam Kiciński CEO of CD Projekt Red stated during an interview that a new Witcher game is coming. After the release of Cyberpunk 2077 the studio will focus on another Witcher game.

Posted on the popular polish web portal Stooq, Adam states that the studio will start creating another large production. The company maintains that it still wants to create games in the world of “The Witcher”.

The studio is confident in the two worlds they are creating. More games within these worlds will be what the studio will focus on in the coming years.

We just want to do a little more games – we’ll prove that we can do two big games at the same time, which will take us quite a few years

Adam Kiciński – President CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has not made any official statement on a new Witcher game yet.

Source: Stooq

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